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Birthday Wishes for a True Comrade

Happy birthday to you Zik. We met in one of the most difficult era in Nigerian history around 1994. This time, the military killed oponents with guns and bayonets, some disappeared and never found.

I remember two of my colleagues in the Guardian, Chinedu Offoaro and Prince all disappeared and never found till date.

It was a risk to oppose the military.Death without trial was the reward. But you stood up gallantly.

You were then a staff of Nigerian Security Printing and Minting Company. Your workers were sacked, a lot of them. Earlier, about a thousand had been sacked. I was in The Guardian as a Correspondent. We all had the historic responsibility to ensure justice.

We were fighting the case of the first set of workers when the management sacked more.

The responsibility of leading the sacked workers for justice fell on you, young Zik. The workers saw in you humility, affection, diligence, courage and Godliness.

They knew you would not disappoint or betray them. Side by side with you leading, this struggle was fought under a wicked and malicious military rule. You led the struggle bare chested. You were chased to be killed. The soldiers and undercover agents wanted you dead. Your house was surrounded many times with lurking armed assasins. Your iron cast will did not bend.

You led a determined and courageous battle against injustice.

God has rewarded you with goodwill all over. Apart from Allah, You are self made. You walked a tough battle on the ladder of life with God on your side.

Your life is a testimony in courage, perseverance, hardwork and Godly manners. It shows that God rewards good people eventhough our country jails and hunts them.

As you mark your birthday today, I wish you longer life and perfect health.

May Allah honour you with the blessing of Abraham. Happy birthday to you my good comrade


Adewale Adeoye

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