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CHRICED Congratulates Comrade Joe Ajaero on Election As NLC President

Resource Centre for Human Rights & Civic Education (CHRICED) heartily congratulates Comrade Joe Ajaero on his recent election as President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC). It is pertinent to recall that during his time as helmsman of the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE), the new leader of the Labour Movement acquitted himself credibly as a visionary and committed fighter for the rights and welfare of workers. Emerging President of the NLC at a time when Nigeria is experiencing multifaceted economic and political challenges, the election of Comrade Ajaero is a heartwarming development for the polity. CHRICED is confident that the new NLC helmsman will bring his wealth of experience, energetic disposition and track record of labour activism to bear in the struggle for a just, fair and equitable Nigeria.
CHRICED is also hopeful that Comrade Ajaero’s principled disposition in speaking truth to power would make him a valuable voice of reason and wisdom in the quest for effective solutions to the nation’s challenges. Similarly, Comrade Ajaero has been given the mandate to lead the Labour Movement at a time the Nigerian worker is under the relentless assaults of bad and poorly implemented policies, which have accentuated the poverty and mass misery in the land. Right from the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic till date, millions of Nigerians have continued to groan in the face of harsh and extortionate policies, which have continuously pauperized them. From the fuel supply crisis to the currency swap debacle, which has heaped more suffering on citizens, there can be no mistaken the fact that the Nigerian people have had a raw deal in the hands of the two major parties, both at the State and Federal level.
Added to this is the hyperinflation, which continues to bite hard, taking the price of essential commodities beyond the reach of millions of citizens. In the face of these travails, CHRICED is confident that the reassuring presence of Comrade Ajaero will serve to remind the people that they are not alone in the struggle for economic justice, political emancipation, equity and fairness. Looking back at his antecedence from many years of labour struggles, CHRICED is enthusiastic that Comrade Ajaero’s principled disposition, his unwavering dedication to the cause of workers’ rights and social justice would stand him in good stead for the onerous task ahead. Nonetheless, CHRICED believes one of the new NLC President’s immediate task is to rebuild the trust of the Nigerian people in the labour movement. That process of confidence building should begin with the reactivation of NLC’s alliances with vibrant civil society organizations, which are committed to the fight for the for the welfare and wellbeing of citizens. To this end, the NLC President should immediately consider touring the offices of civil society organizations to revive the partnership in readiness for the historic tasks ahead. Similarly, CHRICED believes the coming of Comrade Ajaero would serve as a galvanizing factor to checkmate the antics of the powers that be and the anti-democratic forces, whose actions or inaction are capable of truncating or disrupting the 2023 general elections.
On behalf of the Board of Directors and Secretariat of CHRICED therefore, we wish Comrade Ajaero an impactful tenure as NLC helmsman.

Comrade Dr. Ibrahim M. Zikirullahi
Executive Director

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