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Welcome Statement at a Community Enlightenment Workshop Promotion of Community-Driven Anti-Corruption Initiatives in Kano State


Distinguished Invited Participants,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to this community enlightenment workshop. This is part of activities designed to realize the overall goal of the CHRICED project of Promotion of Community-Driven Anti-Corruption Initiatives in Kano State, a project supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The project is anchored on the need for state actors to fulfil their constitutional role as providers of social goods and services to the people.

As a knowledge-driven platform of active citizens working for the promotion of human rights, rule of law, democracy, and accountability, the Resource Centre for Human Rights and Civic Education (CHRICED) is committed to the realization of a democratic Nigeria where participation, inclusion, and transparency are guaranteed and state and non-state actors actively collaborate towards accountable and responsive use of resources for the collective well-being of citizens.

To achieve this noble objective, CHRICED has over the years stressed the importance of providing platforms to serve as an interface between the government as duty bearers, and the citizens as right holders. This is to ensure that the ordinary people in local communities are given the opportunity to mobilize themselves into active citizens with a strong voice to demand accountability from the government, and their inclusion in the governance process at all levels of government.

It is in this spirit of promoting accountability and inclusiveness in the governance process that the project of ‘promoting community-driven anti-corruption initiatives in Kano State’ was conceived by CHRICED, with the overall aim of reducing corruption through the agency of community participation in the delivery of critical social services, with particular focus on constituency projects in the 44 Local Government Areas of Kano State.

For the next one year, CHRICED, with support from MacArthur Foundation, will be working with citizen groups in local communities, elected public office holders (particularly legislators), relevant government institutions, the mass media and anti-corruption agencies such as the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission ICPC Nigeria(ICPC), the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-corruption Commission to find ways of reducing corruption in the process of planning and implementing state and federal constituency projects in the 44 Local Government Areas of Kano, as well as ensuring active participation of citizens in the entire process of conceiving, planning, executing and monitoring of constituency projects in communities across the state.

As citizens, it is crucial to stay informed about what is happening in your community. Your representatives are responsible for bringing development opportunities to your area, and it is essential that they understand your needs and work to address them. Remember, they are not doing you a favor; the funds they use come from taxes and other sources of government revenue, not their own pockets. It is vital to equip yourself with the skills and knowledge necessary to hold your representatives accountable effectively. By doing so, you can help reduce corruption in service delivery to the barest minimum.

As part of the activities to be implemented towards achieving this project goals, CHRICED is hosting a civic awareness program on Arewa Radio every Thursday from 8:00 am to 9:00 a.m. We encourage you to tune in and participate in these episodes to gain valuable insights into the current issues affecting the effective delivery of constituency projects in your various communities. Renowned scholars and experts from various fields will be invited to discuss these topics, and they will address any questions you may have. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and engage in meaningful discussions.

Additionally, this training will offer resources to help you effectively engage with your representatives and ensure they meet their responsibilities. Be attentive, learn, and ask questions whenever you need clarification. This will help you approach the process correctly and avoid any errors.

As I mentioned at the inaugural press briefing and public launch of this project, the zonal intervention projects, also known as constituency projects, could have been a key government initiative to rapidly promote development across local communities in Nigeria, giving citizens a sense of belonging and benefiting from public resources. However, this potential has not been realized due to the process being shrouded in secrecy, lacking transparency, and excluding citizen participation. Even more concerning is the issue of budget padding in the National Assembly, where millions of Naira have been misappropriated under the guise of constituency projects. This issue was highlighted by Senator Abdul Ningi, who raised concerns about the level of corruption in the 2024 budget. His allegations led to his suspension for three months, underscoring the serious challenges of budget integrity and accountability in Nigeria.

This development calls for urgent action from critical stakeholders, particularly the citizens who are most affected by the endemic corruption and lack of transparency in the delivery of constituency projects. It is imperative for citizens to rise to the occasion and demand transparency, accountability, and inclusion throughout the entire constituency project process.

Finally, CHRICED extends its gratitude to the John D. and MacArthur Foundation for their support of this project. We also thank all of you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to attend this event.

Have a fruitful session. God bless you all.


Comrade Ibrahim M. Zikirullahi
Executive Director

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